Projects > Bear Creek Habitat Restoration & Bank Stabilization


Bear Creek had been severely degraded from years of poor land management. This resulted in significant bank erosion and poor habitat for adult trout. For example, only four pools could be found in over 4,200 feet of stream channel. Overgrazing and vegetation control had also depleted the riparian corridor of nearly all wood species. Bear Creek exhibited three eroding banks that posed a threat to the safety of man-made structures along the waterway.

Confluence provided consultation, surveying, design, permitting, and construction oversight services to install bioengineered bank stabilization treatments on each of the three banks. Our design focused on stabilizing the bank with a stone toe and revegetating the upper banks with sod, willows, and native seed while maintaining or improving the existing fish habitat. The banks have remained stable through several high flow events. Currently Bear Creek has a rapidly recovering riparian corridor and a growing brown trout fishery. It has become a significant spawning tributary to the Madison River, a world renowned trout fishery.