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Cartersville Dam

Confluence has been participating on a multidisciplinary team to evaluate the feasibility of several alternatives to provide passage of sturgeon and other warmwater fish species at the Cartersville irrigation dam on the Yellowstone River in Forsyth, Montana. The dam is approximately 6 feet high and 800 feet across and is used to divert water for a large irrigation district. Radio telemetry of shovelnose sturgeon indicates juvenile and adult fish migrate upstream but do not pass the dam. Passage alternatives currently under consideration include construction of a rock ramp (riffle), removing the dam and relocating the diversion instake upstream, and construction of a bypass channel. Confluence staff are analyzing survey data and fish movement data for natural riffles on the Yellowstone to develop design criteria for the passage alternatives. Confluence will also assist in preliminary design using natural channel design concepts and evaluate the potential environmental impacts of each alternative under consideration. Similar to many of our projects, the Cartersville Dam project will balance the needs of fisheries with water users’ needs.