Confluence was awarded a term contract by Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) to provide monitoring and reporting services for the Department’s wetland mitigation program in 2013-2015.  MDT has constructed mitigation wetlands across Montana to create a reserve of wetland credits the Department can use to offset impacts associated with transportation projects.  Monitoring of these sites ensures that mitigation successfully replaces any lost wetland functions and values.



Statewide monitoring in 2013 covered 21 separate mitigation sites and included:

  • delineating wetlands and mapping surface water inundation;
  • mapping vegetation communities and estimating species composition;
  • completing vegetation surveys along established transects to assess plant community development and temporal trends;
  • evaluating soil conditions;
  • determining mitigation wetland functions using the Montana Assessment Method;
  • documenting bird and wildlife use of mitigation wetlands;
  • sampling soil and groundwater when required;
  • mapping noxious weed infestations.


Results of 2013 monitoring activities were summarized in 16 technical reports in accordance with MDT and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requirements.  Confluence also provided monitoring and reporting services to MDT from 2010-2012 for over 30 mitigation sites.  Copies of completed monitoring reports may be viewed and downloaded at this MDT website:


MDT Wetland Mitigation Monitoring Reports