Projects>Wetland Delineation at Stanley Idaho

Bissected by the Salmon River and its tributary, Valley Creek, The City of Stanley, Idaho is surrounded by floodplains. As the town expands outward from its inner core, the City drafted a wetland protection ordinance in May 2008. The draft ordinance called for land owners to use a wetland map of the city for planning projects, maintain 50-75 feet of setback from wetland boundaries, and seek a permit for any development that would affect wetlands. Confluence wetland scientists delineated nearly 250 acres. Confluence verified previously performed wetland delineations with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, surveyed phemeral and intermittent streams, and mapped aquatic resources . Confluence worked closely with local landowners, the City of Stanley, and US EPA to complete the project.

Stanley Idaho DelineationStanley Idaho SawtoothsStanley wetland areaImages: Wetlands in the City of Stanley, Idaho.