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Confluence specializes in the application of bioengineering methods to stabilize eroding stream banks and hill slopes. Confluence recognizes that bank instability is the result of site-specific factors including soils, vegetation, hydrology, hydraulics, and sediment transport. Consequently, we have developed and adapted a wide range of bioengineering methods for bank stabilization, allowing us to match appropriate design solutions to the specific conditions of each site. We typically rely on the use of live plants and other natural materials to create stable soils while maximizing the natural appearance of the area to be stabilized. As an added benefit, bioengineered slopes provide excellent habitat for fish and wildlife. These designs have been successfully tested under conditions of extreme flooding and continue to provide cost-effective erosion control and slope stabilization.

Example projects include:
Big Hole River Bank Stabilization and Habitat Restoration
Lost Creek Restoration
Bear Creek Habitat Restoration