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Stream Design and Restoration
Confluence is at the forefront of a growing movement across the country to restore streams and rivers to a state of health and biological integrity. Our channel designs balance habitat with stability and aesthetics to produce streams that look and function as though they were created by nature. In addition to restoring impaired streams to improve fish and wildlife habitat, we have engaged in the design of several stream remediation, relocation, and stabilization projects involving contaminated stream beds and floodplains.

Confluence’s stream restoration projects are highly successful because we approach stream restoration challenges from a watershed perspective. This ensures that our designs are compatible with large-scale watershed and ecosystem processes. Where appropriate, we utilize a reference-reach based approach in channel designs, which mimics an existing channel reach exhibiting superb aquatic habitat, riparian vegetation, and bank stability. We are also highly trained in designing channels by integrating the complex fluvial processes of sediment transport when reference reaches are unavailable or inappropriate.

Our stream channel survey, design, and construction services are used in many applications, including:
Fish Habitat Restoration
Endangered Species Protection
Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
Sediment Transport Modeling
Bank and Bed Stabilization
Floodplain and Riparian Zone Restoration
Highway Construction
Utility Crossings
Erosion and Sediment Control
Golf Course Construction
Flood Control

Example projects include:
Rock Creek Relocation and Habitat Restoration Project
1001 Oak Stream Restoration and Wetland Mitigation Project
Private Ranch Fish Habitat Restoration
Swamp Creek Riparian Restoration