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Confluence provides comprehensive wetland services, including delineation, monitoring, and mitigation. We have successfully delineated and monitored dozens of wetland areas, including those on prominent subdivision developments near Bozeman, Montana. Our clients include federal and state agencies, private developers, landowners, and private companies. We have designed mitigation wetlands including the creation of emergent marsh/open water habitat to enhance wildlife habitat and aesthetic features on properties.

Our plans are developed to maximize waterfowl production and nesting sites. Our staff routinely participates in multi-disciplinary teams to identify suitable wetland locations, developing grading plans for wetland areas and reestablishing vegetation.

Confluence’s wetland scientists have received ongoing training through the Wetland Training Institute and have delineated over 10,000 acres across the United States. Our work is completed to assure compliance with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ requirements. We routinely incorporate wildlife assessments and weed management plans into mitigation projects to minimize the establishment of noxious and invasive weed species within aquatic environments.

Example Projects:

Valley West Complex Wetland Mitigation – Bozeman, MT
East Gallatin Wetland Delineation and Monitoring – Bozeman, MT
Stanley Idaho Wetland Delineation
O’Dell Wetland Monitoring – Madison Valley, MT
Green Mountain Wetland Delineation and Monitoring – Bozeman, MT