The Montana Department of Environmental Quality has recently awarded Confluence Consulting a contract to complete water quality monitoring in the Missouri-Cascade TMDL planning area. The project is being overseen by Confluence’s GIS specialist, Jim Johnson. Since 1996, Johnson has provided data management solutions to government and industry through interdisciplinary consulting firms.

For over two decades, the state of Montana has been working to restore the water quality of streams and lakes. Confluence has provided water quality assessment and monitoring services on numerous projects across the state of Montana. For the past five years, Confluence has performed pre and post mediation water quality monitoring for Montana DEQ at approximately three dozen locations on the 25 mile long streamside tailings operable unit of the Clark Fork River Superfund site. Confluence has not only monitored dissolved metals and recoverable metals, but also nutrients, macro-invertebrates, and habitat.

Confluence has worked closely with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality, local watershed groups, private landowners, and communities to effectively complete their TMDL (total maximum daily load) goals. The difference between the water quality standard for a pollutant and the actual amount present in the water is the reduction target, often referred to as a TMDL.