Specialty Construction

In construction, your work often involves unique challenges that require specialized expertise. Our team of construction support specialists is here to help you navigate these challenges and ensure your projects are completed in a safe, sustainable, and environmentally responsible manner. Stormwater management and inspections? We can help. Construction dewatering and fish rescues? Check. Constructability reviews, value engineering, or oversight for dam removal, river restoration, and channel stabilization? We’ve got you covered. Let us know how we can help your construction team stay focused on the job.

Case Study:

Holden Mine Reclamation


Magnus Pacific Corporation (currently Odin Construction Solutions)


Holden Mine Complex, Lake Chelan, WA

Project Description

Confluence was subcontracted by Magnus Pacific Corporation to provide constructionplanning and stream restoration construction oversight services for the relocation and realignment of Railroad Creek in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. A segment of Railroad Creek was relocated as part of a larger Superfund project to segregate mine tailings from the active river channel and eliminate the potential for heavy metal contamination in Railroad Creek and Lake Chelan. The project wasadministered jointly by the U.S. Forest Service and the EPA.

Project Accomplishments

  • Relocation of 3,500 feet of Railroad Creek away from contaminated mine tailings
  • Installation of 12 large woody debris complexes for aquatic habitat
  • Riparian revegetation along 4,350 feet of Railroad Creek

Project Elements

  • Constructability review of final designs
  • Value engineering for installation of LWD complexes
  • Channel dewatering design
  • Fish rescues during dewatering
  • Riparian revegetation design
  • Pre-construction planning
  • Construction oversight